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We can broadcast your event live and archive it, and also convert your video tapes to DVD. There are many other services and products that we provide regarding videos and live streaming. Feel free to contact any of our sales representatives to find out more. Or you can just hit the contact us button at the top of this page and list our your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote and also whether we will be able to deliver it.

If you would like some samples, here are a few videos of live videos and live broadcasting which we did not too long ago.

Live Broadcast A: This was a live broadcast for a public speech during an election campaign. The quality of the broadcast does not seem very good as this was done quite long ago when technology was not so advanced yet. But at that particular time, the technology we used was one of the best and no one else could match up to us. So you can be sure that our technology and equipment which we use now is much more sophisticated and better than before.

Wedding Broadcast Part A: This is the first part of a wedding live broadcast only a year back. As you can see, the quality of this broadcast video is a lot better than the first one you saw earlier. You can even zoom in on the faces of the people you see and they are still very clear. But of course, this would also mean that the file size is a lot bigger in size, and cropping and editing the video will be much higher. And all these translate into extra cost.

Wedding Broadcast Part B: This is the second part of a wedding live broadcast. The quality of this broadcast is a bit lower than Part A, because this broadcast is meant for people who are on a tighter budget. If you do not need such a high quality broadcast, you may want to settle for this package which is a lot cheaper. Most of our clients order this package and they are very happy with what they get. We also offer discounts for any further services you might require, such as extra DVDs for your relatives and friends and so on.

All in all, we take pride in our work a lot and we hope to hear from you soon.

Did you know about the strip club Las Vegas Mafias?

Strip Clubs Las Vegas are infamous for gouging out of state voyagers at the door, charging additional expenses as high as $50. But, the clubs don’t keep benefit from these high fees at the door. The cash is paid as a commission to the cabbie, limo driver, lodging custodian, or promoter that sent the business to the club. It’s not a decent arrangement for the clubs and not also for you, the club visitor. You may ask why Strip Clubs Las Vegas would take an interest in this routine of commissions. More or less it’s a competitive business and if a strip club is paying commissions it will get the lion’s share of the business.


Much more terrible for vacationers looking for the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, is the club paying the highest commissions, gets the most referrals from drivers, porters, promoters, and attendant services. Given this arrangement of paying for referrals, it is difficult to get a genuine suggestion from anybody working in Las Vegas who is on the strip club dole. When you bounce in a taxicab and request that the driver take you to the best Strip Clubs Las Vegas, chances are you are going to wind up at the Strip Club in Vegas that is paying the most commission. This routine of Las Vegas cabbies muscling strip clubs and their benefactors into paying high dollar commissions has earned them the nickname of the Las Vegas Taxi Mafia.

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The number and popularity of strip clubs in the world is growing up these days. There are thousands of male and female oriented strip clubs active now in areas like Las Vegas. However, there will be confusion in choosinga perfect night club of your dreams. Everyone wants a club with more facilities and good services.


Kings of Hustler is the new male strip club in Las Vegas with quality facilities, equipment and other elements such as world class lighting for ambiance, friendly and professional staff and so on. If you are looking for the best male strippers and strip clubs in Las Vegas, then the King of Hustler’s las vegas male strip club services is the right choice. They have over a dozen of hottest international, multi-ethnic male strippers. These men are the best looking and most talented entertainers in Las Vegas and they have satisfied thousands of women’s fantasies so far. Theexotic male dancers there are ready to turn your party up and make your fantasies come true.

Kings of Hustler can guarantee you the best prices for the services along with the best customer service. This strip club Las Vegas services offers you best entertainment in Las Vegas with facilities like free transport from your hotel. Whether it is a bachelorette party, a weekend outing, birthday party or just a night out, the Kings of Hustler club will be the perfect destination for ladies.

There is no need to look further regarding the male strip clubs asyou can choose Kings of Hustlerto celebrate your special events. You can experience a variety of professional male performers here. The kingsofhustler official website provides details regarding the packages for amazing all inclusive deals. You can also contact them through telephone. Without doubt, you can find hotmen of your dream stripping at Kings of Hustler.


Best strippers in the strip clubs of Vegas

Nowadays, the entertainment for adults are highly concentrated on bars and clubs. Due to the presence of erotic dancers and strippers, the strip clubs are becoming more popular entertainment centers in Las Vegas. Hundreds of female as well as male strip clubs are seen around Las Vegas. Without seeking the help of any booking agencies, it will be difficult to reserve a seat inside your favorite Vegas strip clubs . The Stripper King is one of the best and most popular strip club seats booking agency. The Stripper King is the only agency that provides seat booking services for gentleman’s clubs in Las Vegas.

Another major advantage while booking strip club seats through the Stripper King agency is that, they will provide a free pickup service in their party buses from your hotel to your favorite strip club. This will be possible only if you order at least two drinks per person through the Stripper King agency. You can reserve seats in both female as well as male strip clubs. The sexy strippers of the strip clubs in Las Vegas will enjoy while stripping to make the crowd happy. These models will be available for private shows if you order a VIP entry ticket.

Adult boutiques and football matches are also organized by the Stripper King booking agency. By logging in to the stripperking website, you can easily collect more information about the strip clubs, Vegas. A chat facility is also provided on the website to help the clients to clarify their doubts and queries.